I started working with Zahir when he was squatting 390kg and benching 250kg, but his Deadlifting was on hold because of an injury.

We started to plan what needed to be done to maximize his results and push the weight higher.

It was mostly food and nutrition that needed attention, such as the kind of food his body needed the most, and in what daily portions amounts.

Then we focused on resting, relaxing and reducing stress that he accumulated by always concerning himself on breaking records
Zahir needed someone to help boost his confidence, some one to tell him; ‘yes you can do that’ someone to help and gain his trust.
Of course, that person was me, I really do believe in Zahir’s power he is a very very strong man, and also very kind at the same time; one word I can use to describes this man, “Champion“…

Results: (after fixing what needs to be fixed)
We set the world record in his category (125kg)
460kg Squat – GPA world in Sydney
280kg Bench – Polish Championships
370kg Deadlift – Arnold classic Australia 2015