As a Software Developer he spends most of his time sitting down.

Therefore, we decided to swap the chair for a an exercise bike saddle, almost as easy as that! It wasn’t so easy. However, you can make it easier or make it very difficult. By following the rules, he started his journey at 115 kg until we met at 102kg. From there, we started to “really” train, to get him in shape as fast as we could, to make him ready for his 40th birthday, and to shock all who saw him. We did it in only 12 sessions, he lost 11 kg in a month and half!

I will tell you something about personal training, it’s not magical stuff that it will change you fast , you need a person to believe in you as and to help you believe in yourself, to keep saying; “you can do it” , because all of us have our ups and downs, yet when you have the extra kick from a personal trainer it happens far more naturally, but above all, in the end, YOU are the one who makes it work, YOU are the one who did the work .

Man, I’m so proud of you…