Ammar Abed

Ammar is the owner of a pizzeria which means temptation all the time! Yet he decided to lose weight, get fit and live healthy.

He came to me to tell me; Hany, I want to lose weight, but honestly, I didn’t believe him initially, because the guy lives in his Pizzeria! However, he promised me he will never give in to temptation and follow the diet plan exactly, and, you know what? he really did!

We trained for a month and a half, to begin to get his body into the shape that he always dreamed of.
I pushed him beyond the limits he believed he had to new levels of training and nutrition.

Success, we got him that dream shape!

What I want to say is, that no matter what your job is, if you truly decide from inside to make a change , you can achieve anything whatever happens.

Go Ammar!